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Respond to this comment: Personally, I believe that an individuals should have the right to marry the person that they love no matter their race, religion, or GENDER. Being a heterosexual I am granted the privilege to marry the person I love because he is a man but other individuals have been previously denied the same privilege I am granted just because the person they love is of the same sex; I do not believe this is just. I believe in equal rights for everyone no matter their identifying information and no specific group should be given an advantage or excess rights and privileges.
I can understand certain clergy refusing to marry same sex couples because it goes against their beliefs and I support this religious stance. However, I do not support government workers who issue marriage licenses taking a stance due to their religious beliefs. I would think that those who are seeking an official to marry them would not want someone who openly opposes their marriage to unite them anyways. There are plenty of other officials that would marry same sex couples and be supportive of their marriage. In regards to the government workers it is in their job description to issue marriage licenses in accordance to the law. If these individuals are unable to effectively do their job because of personal religious beliefs than I believe they need to find another job.
The stance on same sex marriage has been an ongoing battle. Even with the Supreme Courts ruling there is still opposition against same sex marriage. I believe that marriage should not be a privilege awarded only to those who love someone of the opposite sex.