The purpose of the coursework is to provide you with experience in structuring and writing a legal essay, enhancing your research skills through using different resources and information and critically applying your knowledge and understanding to the subject matter of the assignment. This assignment will help consolidate your ability to understand and apply your knowledge and in addition will enhance your personal development by requiring clear and critical thinking …. skills that are invaluable for the future workplace or postgraduate studies.
You are reminded that plagiarism (seeking to pass off the work of others as your own) is a serious disciplinary matter. You must be sure to reference all material obtained from all sources and must not copy material from other students. For further details of the regulations see the Code of Good Practice on Academic Misconduct a copy of which is on the ELE site for this module. If you are still in doubt consult your lecturer/tutor.
A UK limited company is considered to be an artificial legal person. Over many decades various decisions of judges in addition to the Companies Act 2006 have provided an understanding of what it means for a company to be an artificial legal person.
This mid-term assignment requires you to write and submit an essay of no more than 1500 words (excluding references) on an issue that is part of this topic. References will include references to decided cases and also to Acts of Parliament and sections in those Acts of Parliament.
The essay title is as follows:
“The separate legal personality of a company means that shareholders of the company and directors of the company are not responsible for any liabilities that arise as a result of the actions of the company.”
You are required to discuss this statement in your essay.
Please note that this assignment is focused on your ability to use your knowledge and understanding of this topic and apply that knowledge and understanding in a structured manner which clearly and critically discusses the above statement.
Your essay must be no longer than 1500 words (excluding references). Your essay will contribute to 20% of the final module mark.

Please see Appendix A which contains the Business School undergraduate generic marking scheme, and a more detailed assessment grid showing the criteria your report will be marked against.

The references (including case references) are an important part of your assessment; it shows where you looked for information and which sources you have drawn on to form your discussion.
The references (including case references) should be a list of all the textbooks (with page numbers and edition where appropriate), websites, academic articles, statutes and decided cases that you have used to construct your essay. Use conventional referencing style (as discussed in what is now referred to as the BUSxcelerate module) and do not forget the full URL for any websites. A number of the handbooks from the BUSxcelerate ELE site are included in the BEA3015 ELE site for your convenience.
Example of how to provide a reference to a decided legal case is to be found on the ELE site for BEA3015.