Research Paper on Europeans Women’s Crime and Punishment history.

Research Paper on Europeans Women’s Crime and Punishment history. The paper
should be about 7 pages, doubled space, 12-point font, Times New Roman. Use APA
style manual for citations and references.
The topic I chose is crime and punishment during the 16th, 17th and 18th century
about women in Europe and my main argument is why women were punished unfairly
and how laws have changed since then until now.
Sets picture
Who/ What/ When/ Where topic sentence
How and why Argument
*Lots of evidence: quotes mainly from primary resources.
*Secondary resources are used to frame each paragraph on the specific topic.
*Begin with the topic sentence and ends with big so what that ties with the
*Ends with big so what that ties to the argument and why it matters? What is tells
Below is a list of primary and secondary resources, but this link is the one I will use
Primary: (primary and secondary sources here) (medieval) (thanks Kelley!) (smaller selections)
(the next few links are mainly English)
Early English Books Online (access via microfilm in the library; not exclusively English)
jstor (via library) (great tool for finding books beyond the library)
Don’t forget, there’s interlibrary loan and a writing center through the library too.
This is just a start, and there are TONS of other sources out there. Try big name university
library websites and national libraries too.