School Health

This Discussion topic is based on a case study. As in all case studies, review the facts of the case and consider the various steps of the nursing process in order to address the critical thinking questions.
A school health nurse has been assigned to each school in the district. The district, as a money-saving measure, has decided to have one school health nurse for the entire district rather than one nurse stationed at each school in the district. The Board of Education has identified that a K-12 health education curriculum needs to be developed as well as a K-12 physical education curriculum as part of the comprehensive school health program. As the school nurse leader in the district, address the following points:
• Describe 3 types of programs that need to be considered as part of the recommended component of a K-12 health education curriculum.
• Describe 3 points that should be considered as part of the recommended components of a K-12 physical education curriculum.
• Examine K-12 obesity and physical education given the dramatic rise for obesity especially in children from disadvantaged communities.
• Identify 3 concerns related to the proposed change in school nurse staffing.