Securing Cyberspace

The paper is 8 pages. It is about one of the mission areas in the Department of Homeland Security, which is “Safeguard and Secure Cyberspace.” The thesis statement is- “Cyber threats information sharing amongst the government, and private sector will enhance security.” I do believe that increasing information sharing amongst the government and private sector will strengthen security, this exercise is currently neglected.

The title of the paper can be- “Enhancing Cybersecurity by Increasing Collaboration Efforts,” unless you guys have a better title for the content.

The majority of sources need to be from scholarly articles. It does not necessarily need to be 20 sources. However, I thought that was reasonable for an 8-page paper. It can be more; it can be slightly less.

If the thesis is hard to research, another argument can be produced about Safeguarding and Securing Cyberspace in the Department of Homeland Security. IT HAS TO BE A THESIS PAPER OVER ONE OF THE MISSIONS OF THE DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY. I particularly want a thesis statement about Safeguarding and Securing Cyberspace. I have already done a paper over Preventing terrorism and enhancing security.

In Additional materials, I have provided a sample of my first thesis paper. Please make my paper better than the previous.