Show That You Know

This is the main written assignment for the unit. Write four discussions, one about each of the topics below. Answer every part of every question. Each of the four discussions must contain at least 250 words – no exceptions. There is no maximum – write as much as you would like. This is a 140 point assignment – up to 35 points per each of the four questions. Make sure you fully address them all.

Answer the following Show That You Know questions for this unit:

What does the margin of error tell us about a sample taken from a large population? How does the confidence level for a sample outcome differ from the sample’s margin of error?
What is a null hypothesis in causal research and what does it mean to say that a study has failed to reject the null hypothesis?
How do randomized, prospective and retrospective studies differ from one another? What are the major advantages and disadvantages of each type of study?
Describe each of the fallacies listed below and make up an example of each.
a) False anomalies

b) Questionable arguments by elimination

c) Illicit causal interference

d) Unsupported analogies and similarities

e) Untestable explanations and predictions

f) Empty jargon