Siegfried Giedion Text


You should first read the Siegfried Giedion text – how does Giedion characterize Le Corbusier’s design methodology? What are its roots? What are some parallels? Then you should read the Passanti text – How does Passanti use the concept of the vernacular to offer a different reading of Le Corbusier? What is the “vernacular” aesthetic sensibility? How does it differ from Giedion’s discussion of Le Corbuiser? You should also examine the three short excerpts from 3 Le Corbusier texts, considering how they support or contradict Giedion and Passanti’s arguments.
2-Please be specific to the article and don’t be general.
3-please use only my resources. Also the main thing that you need to look for is the main argument. what you think is important that the author think is important? This is not a summary paper.
4-Here is what the prof. say and want:
A response paper is not a summary, rather it should make an argument concerning the issues of the class meeting.