Social Media Negative Impact on College Students

Using research you have gathered through the LSU Library System, you will argue a definitive position in your research paper (i.e. pro / con).
The paper should begin with a gripping and informative introduction that includes a thesis / concession.
The body paragraphs should be organized by subtopics/subpoints and should include topic sentences and transitions throughout. Your paper should end with a conclusion that restates the thesis and main points in addition to providing closure to your essay in one of the ways discussed in class.
Finally, you should include a works cited page that documents all sources used in proper MLA format.
I want you to highlight the sentences used for quotation in the article.
The Paper should include Introduction, Background research, 3 to 4 body paragraph, and conclusion.
Plagiarism should not be there in the paper.
Body paragraph details, i uploaded in additional material. please check that.