Story Maps

Story maps are a means to display geographic information, images, videos, and explanatory text for a common theme. You may take your story map in any direction you decide, but a common theme tying together each tab/post is recommended. The written information required for the story map is the same as the research & writing project, without the requirement of using your original images/videos/art work as examples of the processes you’re describing. You may complete up to three Story Map posts. I suggest using a “Journal” layout (app). You do not need to create a new account or link for each post.

Purpose: The purpose of this assignments is to relate what we are discussing in class to examples from the world around you with reference to where these phenomena occur. For each place/phenomenon you will provide, images (your own or from the internet – please provide reference information), a written explanation (with references) that explains the phenomena at this place and featured in the images you select, its relationship to course concepts and ideas, and how the concepts from class are relevant outside of the classroom.

Assignment Description: There are several components to this assignment.

Story Map: By the due dates listed below you will have posted to/updated your Story Map. You will write a minimum of 450 words (you may style your posts however you think is best for web display) for each location/phenomenon pair that:

1. Describes the process and/or topic that is occurring at this place and in the images you’ve chosen to represent the phenomenon in detail. You may also have to describe the location/place to fully explain the relevance or uniqueness (or not) of your example phenomenon. Someone not in the course should understand the process/topic by looking at your images and reading your description;
2. Discusses how the process/topic relates to the course; and
3. Discusses why this process/topic is more broadly relevant to society and/or science.

Hints: A successful assignment will use reputable outside resources (not Wikipedia) and the textbook to craft a description that accurately describes the selected. Additional resources will be useful to explicitly and thoroughly explain the linkages to course material and the broader implications of the phenomena. You may wish to craft your post in an external word processing software (e.g., Microsoft Word) and copy and paste your text into the Story Map when you are satisfied with your creation.

Logistics: Any outside sources must be referenced in-text and at the end of each post. You may utilize any source citation system in this course. Please ask if you have any questions about how to properly cite your article and supporting sources.

You will need to create a (free) login to use/host your StoryMap. Submit the link to your Story Map by each due date to the appropriate Dropbox (e.g., Writing Assignment 1). See the posted lecture slides for more information on Story Maps.