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Order type: EssaySubject: LinguisticsAcademic level: MasterStyle: APA
Weight: 70%Task Description:SECTION B. SYNTHESIS PAPER (3,500 words)The Synthesis Paper brings together key ideas and research findings encountered during the course around a major theme or themes that is important to the student as a language professional. A theme as used here can be a topic, issue, idea or point of view. The Synthesis essay will identify the major principles, theoretical positions, and research findings relevant to the theme(s), and should also explain the implications of these principles in terms of the student’s own practice. Students should note that the Synthesis Paper is not a literature review but uses the literature to support and exemplify the writer’s position. Over-reliance on secondary sources is not acceptable. The Synthesis Paper must follow APA style and include a complete and accurate reference list, giving credit to all the scholars and researchers cited in the text.Criteria & Marking:Identification of theme(s)A clear statement of theme or themes that serve as the focus of the paper. The writer should identify why the theme(s) was chosen and specify how it will be addressed in the paper.Development of themeThere must be a blending of theory and research, such that theory and research are explored in terms of practice and practice is justified in terms of theory and research. The connections among all three elements to the theme(s) must be explicit and exemplified.Style and presentationAll parts of the Portfolio as well as synthesis paper must be present. The cover sheet and Reflections must be free of typographical errors, grammar problems, and stylistic infelicities. (This does not include the original assessments, which should be submitted in the original form.)The writing must be clear, coherent, and well-developed, with consistent formats and referencing procedures that conform to APA convention.Font and Font size – Times New Roman, 12 pointMargin – 2.5cm for all (left, right, top and bottom)Referencing – Please consult APA styleSpace – 1.5 or double space===============