Technical Communication Course Work

Answer the following questions over the article ?Videoconferencing as a mode of communication? by J.M. Denstalli, in Journal of Business and Technical Communication, vol 26, no. 1, 2012, 65-91.
According to this article, what advantages do FTF meetings afford compared to VC meetings?
What benefits do VC meetings offer businesses?
Media richness theory asserts that complex forms of communication require rich media such as FRF contact. What are the elements of ?rich media??
According to the social influence model, what elements influence the choice of media in organizations?
What characteristics of today?s business organizations motivate the need for FTF meetings?
What are two characteristics of organizations that most commonly use VC?
In the research study reported in this article, the duration of FTF and VC meetings was significantly different. What were the average durations of each kind of meeting?