Teenagers/ adolescents who are noncompliant with diabetes management and interventions that nurses can promote on the pediatrics unit in order to enhance compliance in

-Nurses Managing noncompliant adolescents who have diabetes
-Implementing something to enhance compliance in these patients for the safety of them (Something could be (evidence-based): a teaching tool, a teach back method before discharge, implementing a unified approach, etc…)
-Evidence based recommendations for the pediatric unit on how to solve this issue

-Is there a certain evidence based technique/approach that works better with the adolescents
-Develop something/tool that nurses on the pediatrics unit can use with the adolescents to enhance adherence/compliance with diabetes management
Example: Implementing a teaching tool for nurses to use in the unit for adolescents who are non compliant with diabetes management (diet, medications, insulin injections, counting carbohydrates, etc..)
-How is teaching the adolescents and getting them to be compliant How is that different from some of the other age groups
-Different approaches that nurses might use with the adolescents
-There is a lot of peer pressure at tis age (adolescent)
-Patient safety