the great fashion designers

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This week we are covering New Wave Couture: Alexander McQueen, John-Paul Gaultier and Chanel (Karl Lagerfeld).

Whose designs do you prefer and why. Explain your reasons in as much detail as possible. Please include examples.
You may add links to images to highlight and substantiate points. You upload images, the source link must be cited. An image is not to take up the whole screen as this distracts from the written content.

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After reading this week’s lecture about New Wave Couture, I have became very interested with Alexander McQueen. I certainly prefer his designs over the other two designers. His designs and fashion shows are so eye-catching and unique. After seeing his designs, I became so fascinated and impressed by his design technique and materials that he used. He is known for his dramatic designs and fashion shows that are said to be raw and powerful. His gift for tailoring allows him to create the imaginative designs he is known for and to construct breathtaking shows. His shows always told a story and they are so exciting to watch. McQueen broke boundaries on the catwalk, aiming to shock, surprise, and provoke a reaction with his designs. His signature styles include; skull printed scarves, nature, armadillo heels, lace and intricate embroidery, and bumsters. His impact on fashion was huge, he is said to be the most influential designer of his generation. His designs were beautiful, inspiring, shocking, and obscure. McQueen is well-known for extreme, hard-edged and often politically motivated designs. His innovative materials anarchistic reputation and provocative runway shows made him a memorable figure in fashion. The natural materials used by McQueen add an unexpected element to the designs and reflect his interest in nature. His innovative materials certainly make his designs one of a kind and amazing.
Alexander McQueen’s designs:

10 times Lee Alexander McQueen showed us he was the ultimate fashion showman





I have always been a huge fan of Alexander McQueen; I actually consider him to be one of the fashion gods. Alexander McQueen was so young, yet so brilliant. He brought a whole new meaning to couture fashion. The thing that makes his designs so incredible is that he was not afraid to take risks. McQueen’s designs were so obscure, yet high fashion. He used different elements, including those from pop culture and nature, and he turned these things into fashion. His designs were in fact a true art form; wearable art. His runway shows were so theatrical and artistic. I personally think that Alexander McQueen changed fashion as a whole. He used different mediums opposed to the standard cotton and nylon fabrics that we find on some runways. He introduced things such as the skull pattern and extreme low rise jeans. Although he is no longer with us, his designs will continue to live on forever.
Here are a few examples of his designs:
He used nature elements in his designs; this design reminded me of a tropical Red Parrot. He even used real feather elements to complete the look.
His designs were not always meant to be worn as he was a true couturier.
One of my favorite runway looks from McQueen was when he designed this feather look. The look alone reminded me of some kind of dark bird, almost a crow. To complete the look, he added a bird cage to the models head. This is what I love most, he did everything above and beyond!