The Member of the Wedding


In a developed essays, explicate the selected scenes from Fred Zinneman?s film of Carson McCullers? The Member of the Wedding. Focus on the following question: what is significant about the sequence within itself, and how does the sequence embody something important about the larger film–its themes and techniques.
You concern should be with both the ideas you present and the clarity support of your presentation. Aim agin for unity and coherence; that is, be sure that your explication states and clearly develops a main point. Consider the following question before planning your essay:
1- What visual elements condition your response to the film sequence?
2- What aural elements condition your response?
3- Why do we see what we see and hear what we hear?
4- How does this sequence relate to what has gone before and how does it prepare us for what follows?
5- to what extent is the sequence faithful to the themes and meaning of the original text?
Your focus mast be on the moment that Frances leaves the house. you mast Write about when she leaves she strand next to the train and than she walk around the town truing to find a place (describe her motion and places that se want to and people that she found) she heard some one want to kill some one when she was waking on the street. after waking a lot she found a alcohol bar and she saw a soldier. she want inside to talk to hem and when the police came she ask him to go some where. he told here to go inside the storage or something,but when the were there he try to attack. she hit him and than go out using the back door to leave( describe the place clearer and the moisten as well as the music and the camera position) she decide to go back home and she found that her brother is sick and cannot visit hem up upstart( describe how his father talk to here and how the movie end here)
Please DO NOT WRITE about the film over all. WRITE about want i ask to be "FOCUS" on