The Role of Selfishness and Peer Pressure in Predicting Environmentally Conscious Behaviour


Order type: Research PaperSubject: PsychologyAcademic level: UndergraduateStyle: APA
Australian Writings team,I have a 3rd year psychology statistics lab report due this Sunday (21/5) at 7pm Brisbane time. The assignment involves analysing data in SPSS. Conducting a hierarchical and moderated multiple regression as well as simple slope analysis in the presence of an interaction.There are a number of hypotheses that need to be tested using these analysis that are identified in the task sheet I will upload after confirming the order. The lab report introduction does not need to be written as it has already been supplied. Literature reviewed in the introduction must be related to in the discussion section though, obviously.As well as the task sheet I will upload the marking criteria, common mistakes and data that needs to be analysed. I am also going to include our tutorial workbook and refer to pages for how we must perform SPSS analysis. Pages 82-83 show how to perform a hierarchical multiple regression analysis. Pages 93-94 show how to perform moderated multiple regression and page 97 shows how to test simple slopes in SPSS.It is imperative that the analysis is performed in this way as the syntax must be appended and is graded. I believe it is a hierarchical multiple regression analysis but I could be incorrect, hence, your help. Only the methods, results and discussion sections have to be completed.No title page, abstract or references need to be included but SPSS syntax must be included in the appendix for all analysis completed. Please follow task sheet and marking criteria instructions carefully.