Thesis:an arguable statement of your analytical interpretation of a work (or two) that we will cover in this classFormat:MLA style (How you wrote papers for ENG 101 and 102)Audience:Educated adults with knowledge of the topicPurpose:To inform your audience using a thoroughly supported analysis and to persuade your audience that your interpretation is well supported.Length:3 to 5 pages typed double-spacedAssignment: Analysis requires that you observe, describe, and explain the parts that contribute to a whole literary work or works. Prepare an analysis governed by an arguable thesis that is supported by examples and quotations and is informed by close, critical reading.Project Components:1) Final copy of essay2) Rough draft of essayAssignment Evaluation:Analysis essays must be narrowly focused and logically organized to appeal to readers. The essay must have a strong, focused, arguable thesis. Your essay will be evaluated on its focus and organization, as well as the use of specific textual evidence that contributes to your readers’ understanding of your topic. Papers should be free of mechanical and typographical errors.Files with the following problems will not be accepted:1.The file is incomplete (one of the components is missing)2.Final document does not meet length requirement and/or MLA format guidelines3.Drafts and final essay are duplicates (rather than true revisions) Possible TopicsWhile I will accept an analytical, interpretive essay concerning anything we have studied this semester as long as the thesis is strong, you might find these topics helpful:Compare and/or contrast the themes, motifs characters, or any other formal elements, of the Hebrew writings to the Sumerian/Babylonian or Greek writings (Limit three or four).Fully analyze one of the themes of The Odyssey. How does the theme unfold throughout the narrative? What motifs, symbols or other literary elements reinforce this theme?Compare and/or contrast the themes, motifs, symbols, allegories, theses, or any other formal elements, of Eastern philosophy with Western philosophy (Limit three or four). Fully analyze one of the themes or characters of Beowulf or The Tempest.Remember that these are potential topics and not theses themselves. All of these papers require a focused thesis and specific examples showing knowledge of the work. Close, critical reading is required.