U.S History

U.S. Historians: answer one of the following questions.
In your answer, be sure and develop a thesis statement,
after your background and introduction. Then support
your thesis with at least three points. After that, please
provide a counter view and then deliver your strong
conclusion – a knockout punch. Your answer should be
no more than two pages in length, double spaced. If you
use a reference or source, be sure and cite your work
accordingly. Please send me your answer within 24
hours of receipt of this test, and no later than 10:00 am.
on Wednesday, May 10’“. Microsoft Word- attach to an
email; Microsoft Work or Apple – cut and paste to an
email. Send to M@csmd.edu and
anchordetail@.earthlink.net Be sure your name is on
your paper. Questions or problems: call me at 301-855-
M or text me at 410-610-8721.

I. In our course of study this semester, we studied two
major wars – the American Revolution and the Civil
War. With the study of war, you will always find
similarities in strategies, instruments of power, interests
and objectives, risks, resources, and influences. Pick a
striking, profound similarity between these two major
wars and develop a thesis – and then support it.

2. In conjunction with our studies regarding westward
expansion and American domestic and foreign strategy
and policy, we studied the Monroe Doctrine and
Manifest Destiny. Relate US. foreign policy today to
one of these policies by developing and supporting a
profound thesis.

3. Pick one profound political, social, or economic policy or
event in 2017 and develop a thesis on its influence on
the United States and/or world in the year 2050. Support
that thesis.

4. Develop and support a thesis centered on the
combination of factors which chiefly contributed to US.
economic growth during the 19th Century.

5. Develop and support a thesis centered on the
combination of factors which chiefly contributed to the
development of American character during the 19th

6. Your choice – pick a current event involving U.S. global
policy and posit a thesis regarding the protection,
defense and advancement ofa U.S. vital interests.

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