What Does Justice Look Like?

Read the book (What Does Justice Look Like ?) by Waziyatawin.

Write AT LEAST a 3 paragraph response to Waziyatawin’s thoughts on justice answering the question, What does justice look like for Dakota and other indigenous people?

possible ideas/thoughts to consider:

Defining what justice looks like for Dakota people.How realistic is it? (ex. reparations in the form of land return) Is land return possible?

How would it happen?

How would Euro-America/Minnesota respond to returning stolen land?

What are your thoughts on taking down the fort?

What are your thoughts and ideas on best ways for truth telling/educating about the history of Dakota people in Minnesota and genocide perpetrated on them by the U.S., church, and Euro-American citizenry?

The U.S. is always using the terms freedom and liberty. Have indigenous people had this through treaties and a true sovereign relationship with the U.S., it’s Euro-Amercan citizenry and the church? Keep an open mind, especially on land return. This is already starting to happen in other places.

What is your role as an occupier of Dakota land?

Remember to think twice before you use the word ‘impossible’ in reference to land return and reparations. If you don’t agree with Waziyatawin’s ideas of the fort, land return etc, propose an alternate plan.