wriing a poem based on ” song of myself”

Paper instructions:
After read Whitman’s “song of myself” writing a poem. My name is Yue. The poem must include my name at least twice. My hope is traveling all around the world. There is the instructions. please read and write following it carefully. Using sample world, don’t plagiarized.

The poem must have at least 10 sections.(each section doesn’t need to be very long)
The poem must have at least 3 separate lists.
The poem should address all of senses.(touch, sight, sound, smell, taste)
The poem should address some sort of work. some sort of freedom, some sort of soul thinking.
Or the absence of freedom, work, or soul.
The poem should be a journey or a meditation.
The poem is about you in the world. It can be happy, sad, energized, tired, joyful or discourage or all of these.
There must be one section about hope.
The poem needs to include your name at least twice.
The poem should have varied language and sounds.
The poem should not pretend to be anything than what it is.

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