Culture and Culture Change Based on a Study of the Online Retailer

Organisational Behaviour Assignment 2: Essay (1,000 words)
Your task is write a 1,000 word essay about culture and culture change based
on a study of the online retailer There are two parts to the essay:
1. Describe the culture of with reference to relevant theory and
models. Schein’s three levels of culture model is particularly relevant. You may
also decide to refer to other relevant models and theories such as Morgan’s
images of organisations and Handy’s culture typology.
The suggested word count for this part of the essay is approximately 450 words.
2. Identify three organisational strategies for increasing the job satisfaction and
wellbeing of warehouse workers (?�pickers’) at Explain and justify
each strategy with reference to relevant theory and concepts, for example,
theories of motivation, leadership styles and job enrichment.
The suggested word count for this part of the essay is approximately 450 words
Your essay must include the following:
1. An introduction which briefly outlines how you intend to answer the questions.
(Approximately 50 words)
2. A body which addresses the two parts of the essay as outlined above.
3. A brief conclusion which summarises the main points of your essay.
(Approximately 50 words)
4. A word count at the end of your conclusion.
5. A reference list. (This is not included in the word count.)
Higher grades will be awarded to essays that:
1. Are clearly written, well structured and accurately referenced.
2. Demonstrate a clear and accurate understanding of organisational
culture and associated theory.
3. Make appropriate links to relevant theory and concepts when explaining
and justifying strategies for change.
4. Refer to a good range of resources including research journals