Research on Branding and Secret Shopper Programme

Client: Regal Market Place
Research Topic: Secret Shopper Programme
Business Evaluation: Create and execute a secret shopper program. How are secret shopper programs used in the industry? What are options for executing such a program? Include all costs and fees that may be associated with the different options. After researching, create a secret shopper program for Regal Marketplace. Execute the secret shopper program and evaluate and grade their performance. Make recommendations based on your findings.
Secret Shopper Research
1. What is a secret shopper program?
2. Why are they effective?
3. What are the goals of a secret shopper program?
4. What does the secret shopper typically look for? ie: staff attentiveness, store condition
5. What are the options for executing such a program?
6. What, if any, are the costs with executing a secret shopper program
Research Topic: Store Expansion and Brand Analysis: As a business Regal plans on acquiring and adding more
stores. How can Regal Marketplace better build its brand? How strong is the brand currently?
Evaluate the stores current advertising avenues. What other avenues can they utilize to better
build the brand and draw more business to our store? Evaluate all options and any cost that may
be associated with utilizing a specific method.
* Come up with questions similar to the secret shopper programme research questions for this topic too. I am uploading a research sample for this deliverable so please follow the sample for my research deliverable.