Anthropology 132 Native People of North America Film Report


Write the Film Report:
The film report should be 2 pages (this means to the bottom of the second page not the top of the second page) in 12 point font with 1" margins on all sides.
Please choose one and send me the name of the title, before you finish to writ the work.
You are to watch a movie or television program listed below and address the following issues:
When writing the summary of the film, also look for the following things:

What group is included in the film?

What aspects of Native American culture are found in this film

How are Native American’s depicted? Positively? Negatively? Include specific examples and how it pertains to the perception of Native Americans.
Include a review of the film/program, did you like it, why did I assign this for this class, would you recommend it to other students? friends?
Film List:
You will be viewing it in light of the topics discussed in this class and will have a different appreciation of the film.