Art Essay

At least 2 paragraphs needed per question. No APA writing style is needed.
1. In the fine arts of the 20th and early 21st century, which social, scientific, technical, or economical factor influence the common artistic theme of the human condition? Identify one or more reasons and then provide at least one example of a work of art that supports an analysis of the theme.
2. Explain at least one major factor that influenced the School of Paris. Use at least one work of art from the School of Paris as an example in your analysis.
3. Describe the influence of contemporary fine arts on a particular style of music or dance from 20th or early 21st century. Explain the qualities of the music style that distinguish it from the other styles of music created during the same era.
4. Analyze how historical events of the 20th century influenced the arts and humanities of that period. Choose one work of art to use as an example.
5. Analyze the concept of individualism in modern art using two contemporary works of art from different disciplines (i.e., a painting and a work of architecture or a piece of music and a play, etc).