Task Description:
Over the course of the semester, students will form groups of 3 or 4 and complete a movement analysis research project. The culmination of this project is the preparation of a conference-style Research Poster that presents the background, aims and hypotheses, methods, results and discussion of the research project
Exemplar posters (i.e., High Distinction standard) from previous years are available for reference from the 2008PES Biomechanics 1 Learning@Griffith site
Criteria & Marking:
Research Posters are to be prepared using MS PowerPoint, Publisher or Word or equivalent software. A MS PowerPoint Research Poster Template is available via the 2008PES Biomechanics 1 Learning@Griffith site
Each group is required to submit a single Research Poster, which will be marked out of 100 according the following criteria and (weightings)
1. Title (4)
Clear, informative and concise title accurately describing the research study
2. Investigators (1)
Names and student numbers of all investigators
3. Background, aims and hypotheses (20)
Brief and focussed review of literature related to the proposed research
Discussion of how your proposal relates to previous work in this area
Clear demonstration of how the proposed research will address a gap in the literature
Discussion of the significance of the proposed research. Who will it benefit and to what extent?
Clearly stated aim(s) and hypothesis/hypotheses that reference the task, indendent and dependent variables
4. Methods (20)
Description of the experimental design
Description of the recruitment procedures and inclusion/exclusion criteria
Description of methods that were used (and why these have been selected over other methods where applicable)
Identify how any ethical considerations were addressed
Explain how the data were be analysed including definitions of dependent variables and how they will be calculated
5. Results (15)
Clear and consise presentation of the results from the project
Appropriate use of tables and figures to present results
6. Discussion (25)
Interpretation of results with reference to hypotheses
Synthesis of results from your project with the relevant literature
Acknowledgement of the strengths and/or limitations of the project
Discussion of the practical implications of the findings
Proposal of future research directions to build upon the findings of the project (as appropriate)
Overall conclusions from the study
7. References, grammar, spelling, punctuation and formatting (15)
Adequate and appropriate use of references
Referencing is in APA format
Use of correct grammar, spelling and punctuation
Quality of overall formatting and readability