Paper Directions: Analyze and evaluate the similarities and differences of three different 7th grade Language Arts curriculum guides (See attachment for the three district’s curriculum guides: Hillside, Union, and Orange). The paper must be double spaced in 12-pt font in Times New Roman. The paper must be in APA format and contain SEVEN sources. A cover page and bibliography page must be included. Discuss the following key elements of each curriculum to compare and contrast:
• Demographics
• Economics (Testing success links to wealthy district, classification letter)
• Curriculum structure (understanding by design vs. Pacing guide)
• Bias
• Hidden curriculum
• Clarity of content
• Incorporation of state standards(common core)
• Modifications/ accommodations
• Differentiation of courses (tracking)
• Multiple intelligence
• Authentic learning, Cooperative learning, Critical thinking, inquiry based learning
• Materials (textbooks, workbooks, remediation programs, title 1)
• Maslow Hierarchy of needs
• Blooms Taxonomy- higher order thinking