Ethics and Ethical Behavior- Departmental Influences


Overview: Although police officers can exercise discretion, they are obligated to follow the directions and mandates of their superiors. Superiors and co-workers can therefore play a role in how an officer assesses ethical decisions when carrying out their policing duties. Therefore, the behavior of police officers can be a reflection of those limits and norms practiced by their department as a whole.
Assignment:As a local law enforcement professional, you have been asked to speak to an assembled group of junior college students majoring in police science. For this assignment, develop a PowerPoint presentation for the students in which you analyze the role of police administrators in fostering a culture of ethics. In addition, include a discussion on the following:
Explain how law enforcement administrators can influence the ethical conduct of subordinate law enforcement officers.
Identify what leadership skills are needed to promote a culture of ethics within a government operated entity.
Do you believe law enforcement administrators would attempt to cover-up incidents of misconduct? Why or why not?
Incorporate appropriate animations, transitions, and graphics as well as speaker notes for each slide. The speaker notes may be comprised of brief paragraphs or bulleted lists.