Digital Marketing Plan

Assignment Guidelines for your Digital Marketing Plan
This individual assignment now asks you to come up with a detailed solution to the problems you’ve identified for your client. You need to individually work with your client to develop a comprehensive digital marketing plan that will meet the SMART objectives you’ve previously written and spoken about.
This assignment is highly practical. That is, it should tell us:
• who is the target market
• what tactics you’re going to use to reach this target market
• give examples of these tactics (eg. examples of Facebook posts, Google Adwords, or write an email newsletter)
• provide an implementation plan for WHEN these things should be implemented
• tell us how you would evaluate if these goals have been met ) ie. what metrics are important to measure
This is where you will actually DO the marketing planning for the charity. In a sense, they should be able to take your digital marketing plan and implement from that day. You are welcome to contact your charity directly to develop these solutions.
Remember this is the main piece of assessment for the course, and so should bring all of the course learnings together. You cannot use digital marketing tactics in isolation, so consider how each aspect of digital marketing works with another to provide a comprehensive digital marketing solution for your client. Your ideas presented here should be based on academic learnings (ie. the textbook and journal articles), as well as recent news articles, website tutorials and free online courses suggested throughout the course.
Word Limit
The final word count for your document should be between 2500-3000 words.
As you’ve been given a large guide, the 10% rule does not apply. The limit does not include: executive summary, table of contents, tables, figures, images and the reference list. Please don’t include appendices, but instead put all images and information in the body of the report.
Suggested Structure for your document
The following is the information you are required to provide your client at a minumum-please add to this as necessary depending on which information your client would like. Please consider what information your client would need to be able to implement your marketing strategies when you’re compiling the report for them. Ie. you can add extra sections, but do not leave anything below out.
• title page – incl name, student number, name of charity and name and email of contact person at your charity
• executive summary
• table of contents
• introduction- define the digital marketing problem
• SMART objectives you wish to achieve
• Overarching marketing strategy (target market and positioning)
• tactics -this is where you go into detail about each type of media you wish to use, eg. social media, SEO, email. Consider how these will all work together to compliment each other and achieve the objectives you’ve chosen. Give us examples of email campaigns, examples of social media posts, what hashtags you’d use, which images you’d use, which sites you’d find images on etc. Go into a LOT of detail. This should be the main focus of your report.
• implementation schedule – provide a suggested timeline for the implementation of the actions you’ve suggested. You could include a Gantt chart here to illustrate this timeline.
• evaluation – consider how the firm will monitor and control success of the campaigns. How will they analyse their metrics?
• conclusion – restate how you will achieve the goals and objectives of the campaign
• reference list (Harvard or APA is fine. There is no minimum number of references, however the rubric does state that your ideas should be based on proven academic concepts)
• appendix – necessary – include proof that your client has agreed to be involved in the assignment
Weak mobile marketing strategy
Low attention rate on the digital market – low donations rate
In the next 12 Months
1. Increase traffic on the donations page by the website by 10%
2. Develop a app for RUOK? in 9 months. Have approximately 2000 people use the app.
3. Hit an email open rate of 20%