Discuss and analyse key leadership elements of (General Matthew B Ridgeway / Marshal Peng). How does this analysis shape your view of leadership?

General Ridgway / Marshal Peng (Supreme Commanders Korean War)
This is a 5000-word paper that follows an Executive Summary and presentation that has been submitted (Executive Summary is attached). As outlined in the summary, there are quite a few references.
Please find attached the Course Questions with detailed guidance.
I have linked the two historical figures to today’s military using the Defence Leadership Framework. (Also attached)
Within the Executive Summary, I have formed a position (thesis) and have signposted that I would link strengths and weaknesses against the five criteria within the Executive framework. I have also Identified within my leadership the need for continued education throughout a military officer’s career and the need for the Military Organisation to facilitate this.
The paper has the following format:
1. Font 12 – Times Normal Roman
2. Footnotes – Font 10 – Times Normal Roman
3. 1.5 spacing for the body. / Single spacing for footnotes.
4. Footnote referencing needs to be detailed as to the page(s) that the information is derived from. (Very Important.
5. The paper is for a Masters (not a history paper) stress needs to be placed on analysing the information.
I will send the following documents to utilise:
1. Executive Summary – Stating my position, etc.
2. The two-page Executive Framework from the Defence Leadership Framework.
3. The course themes.