Discussion 6

Class: Technical writing
My field of study is “Elementary school teacher (bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (EC-6 generalist).”

Assignment 10:
This week, we are thinking of STYLE in presentation. Specifically, we are looking at ways in which to present our writing in professional

settings so that they will have the greatest impact. Much of the writing done in a professional setting will be presented to others, either

internally or externally. (Academic writing, on the other hand, is usually only shared within the world of academia–if at all.) What did you

think of chapter 17’s description of balance? Do you have opportunities to be creative in your presentations in your field of study? My field

of study is “Elementary school teacher (bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (EC-6 generalist).

What does chapter 17 say about consistency? We also get some discussion about design principles that seem minor but actually have a big

impact. What does the text say about font and color choices? These decisions can actually be HUGE! When designing a website for my studio, for

example, my husband and I thought for weeks about these issues. And—we made some mistakes! We started with a font that we loved, but it turned

out that it was too difficult to read. After spending a great deal of time and money, we had to change it and repurchase many of our marketing

materials. Never again! Why is it so important that the look and feel of a webpage match the look and feel of other marketing materials or


Take a look at the websites for Apple and Microsoft. What would you say about the balance and style? Which is more appealing and why?

What experiences have YOU had with these decisions? Remember that these decisions not only appear on letters and documents. They will also

have to made for websites, marketing and educational materials, internal and external correspondence, letterhead, Powerpoints, etc. Even your

electronic signature attached to your professional email accounts should be carefully considered!

I would like for everyone to locate a website that is related to your field of study. My field of study is “Elementary school teacher

(bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (EC-6 generalist).First, give us the website address and tell us briefly what it is. Then,

write a short paragraph analyzing the site’s use of balance, images, font, and color. What affect do these decisions have on the readability

and appeal of the site? How would you describe the STYLE? What suggestions (if any) do you have for improvement?