Economics – Biological systems (Cash Flow budget)


Order type: AssignmentSubject: EconomicsAcademic level: UndergraduateStyle: Harvard
Part AUsing the data below, and an excel spreadsheet, construct a monthly statement of farm businessincome and farm expenditure. You will need to work out the calendar of operations for eachenterprise, and then determine the monthly costs and receipts. Find the totals for each income andexpenditure category and derive income, expenditure and net return totals for the farm business foreach month, and for the year as a whole.B. Gross marginsConstruct a per hectare gross margin (difference between gross income and operating costs, expressedper hectare of crop) for sorghum, wheat and barley. If you prepare your Cash Flow Budget correctly,you can easily use that information to calculate your gross marginsAnd finish the questions in part 2