Ethical issues in health care.


800 – 1100 word essay that examines the question of morality and moral judgements and which evaluates two main ethical approaches to morality and ethics

Essay question: Making moral judgements is an everyday occurrence in health services. Evaluate the question of moral judgements and morality and evaluate two philosophical approaches to ethics and moral principles using examples to support the two positions.

Please follow these guideline:
Intro: what is morality?
-can it be absolute or relative?.
———-congnitive and non cognitive

Where does it come from?(morality)
——God or culture?

Two views (principle )

Give example in radiography. lets use “funding as an example”
what do conseuentialism think of.
and what deontologist think

There’s no right or wrong answer. Please present each side of the argument.

For example when you talk about where morality is from, you can say, this person believ (author) that morality is from god and state their explaination, on the other side, occording to (someone) states that we got our morality from culture.

Please do not just state one point in each paragraph.
analysis the work of other of what they think morality is and the compare the principle conseuentialism deontologist. make sure you have more than one reference each paragraph and not just the end of paragraph.

In order for me to achieve the grade I need this essay must have
“Excellent levels of explanation of the different views of morality and a concise, accurate and critical analysis of two contrasting philosophical schools of thought from the normative field of ethics relating to ethical behaviour. You will demonstrate that you are able to apply the theories to contemporary examples. The essay is coherently written and appropriately referenced, There will be no grammatical and spelling errors and errors and your work will be effectively referenced using Harvard.