Haitian Revolution

The eighteenth and nineteenth centuries were defined by radical transformations in society, politics, and economics. The American,
French, and Haitian Revolutions altered the course of political and social history in those countries. The Industrial Revolution
changed how human beings worked, lived, and consumed and thus changed global economic history in meaningful ways. New ideologies (patterns of thought) emerged during these revolutions as people tried to make sense of such major modifications to their daily lives.
Describe the causes and results of the Haitian revolution. You will also choose one revolutionary ideology and explain its development in relation to other historical events. Finally, you will explain three consequences of the Industrial Revolution.
A. Discuss the causes and results (i.e., cultural, political, and/or economic) of the Haitian revolution:
? Haitian Revolution
B. Explain the development of one (1) of the following ideologies in relation to associated historical events:
? nationalism
? liberalism
? socialism
C. Explain three (3) consequences (e.g., social, cultural, economic, technological) of industrialization in the nineteenth and
twentieth centuries.
D. Provide acknowledgement of source information, using in-text citations and references, for quoted, paraphrased, or summarized
Note: APA citation style