horror movie

This next assignment is an exercise in revision. You’ve written your proposals for your horror films, now you have to show that you can revise this proposal for an audience beyond your peers. For this assignment, you’re proposing a short horror film to an independent studio interested in social issues. To that end, you have to show that you have researched and understand the issue that you’re addressing by adding research to your proposal, both on the societal and film level. Find places to introduce this research into your essay inside existing paragraphs, in place of redundant paragraphs, or in brand new paragraphs smoothly integrated into the rest of the essay.

This represents a major revision of a previous essay.


500 to 1000 words of new material with research based evidence
Minimum of three sources
Proper MLA citation standards
Clear and concise grammar
Smooth integration of research into existing material
Conclusion that states why the studio should fund your movie.