International Business

International Business: Identify a product or a service from your organisation or an organisation

that you are familiar with, and write a report evaluating the potential for the international

expansion. For this assignment, you are required to evaluate one potential market. The following
points need to be included within the report: A clear description of the organisation, the product or

the service, and the reason for international expansion. An analysis of the market in terms of:

political, economic. financial. legal and cultural factors. Based on the analysis recommend a

general strategy that the organisation should adopt (e.g. international, localisation. global
standardisation and transnational strategy). Recommend a choice of entry mode for the chosen
international market justifying your decision (e.g. exporting turnkey project, licencing, franchising,
joint venture. merger and acquisition, strategic alliance and wholly-owned subsidiary). For this
assignment, you are expected to use the relevant International Business (IB) concepts and theories

by consulting a variety of academic and/or industry sources and providing in-depth analysis and
insightful recommendations. The report should therefore provide a balanced reflection of the

overall prospects for successful international expansion. Important Assignment Instructions The
required word length for this assignment is 2500 words (plus or minus 1096).