Iraq’s exception to the law of banning countries

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This is an even brief. I’m required to write briefly about this issue and I have to make it easy to understand and on message. I have to pretend that I’m working on the Trump’s administration, and this report is addressed to the Iraq government. I need to provide the main reasons for this exception.The instruction must be:Title/Event: This should be a one-line identification of the event.Significance: A short paragraph (about 150 words) explaining the event and why it is significant.Analysis: This section will constitute the bulk of the writing and you may use subheadings within this section to help organize the argument.What next? A short paragraph outlining what you think will happen next, why this (and not something else) will happen and what the broader impact of this future scenario will be.Policy recommendations (optional): If you are addressing your brief to a specific government department, you may want to include some policy recommendations at the end of your brief.References Set out references in the appropriate manner (if unsure about these please consult the Politics and International Relations Program Guide).