How can consumers create value for brands and marketers? Critique some of the challenges and issues that emerge with consumer engagements on marketing platforms. Elaborate this through a case study.


– Module name: Business and Social Approaches to SOCIAL MEDIA – Opportunities and Issues.
– Thus, the essay should focus on social media’s increasing use for PR, advertising and marketing; along with its co-creation aspect.

– Further notes:
1 .The case study must have two main components;

• Theories – A theoretical discussion of the issue or issues (academic literature/discussion from academic sources)

• Application of the theory (or theories/academic literature) discussed with reference to the case example of choice –this can be a social phenomenon, event, organization, web site, political event, etc.
2. In your theoretical discussion you should define key terms and critically engage with the literature on the topic. Critical engagement is not just a regurgitation of the theory but assessing its strengths, limitations and your judgement of its relevance to how it can be applied to the case study you have chosen.
3. Pay particular attention to the introduction. Use the introduction to set out the parameters of your study (i.e. what you will be doing in the case study).
4. Demonstrate how much you have engaged with the literature you are using through citations and references. Your case study must have adequate academic references and citations. Overuse of one reference is a good indication you may not have read widely.
5. You will lose points for improper citations and references. If you are using internet resources including YouTube and other digital resources – these must be properly cited and must include dates of access or retrieval.
6. Remember that the case study is an academic assignment and hence you should keep to the protocols of academic writing in terms of tone, engagement, use of argument and structure. Instead of personal opinions seek to use informed analysis to engage with the material.
7. Your singular case example could be constructed from various sources – these can include (but are not limited to) electronic sources, books, journals, website, government documents, company reports, etc.