Instructions for N314 Extra Credit Project Mental Health Issue Related to Patient in Your Med-Surg Clinical
1. While in Med-Surg Clinical – write a paper (3 page minimum – 1 page = 20 lines of text, 1 ½ pages = 30 lines of text).) based on following criteria:Case Presentation  1a) Identify a patient/client in your Med-Surg Clinical who has a secondary mental health issue (either an actual medical psychiatric diagnosis as indicated in the patient’s chart, or your psychiatric nursing diagnosis based on your observations). (Do not use describe a patient with dementia for this paper).b) Describe the case/medical reason for hospitalization briefly (remember to use MP for male patient, FP for female patient).c) Indicate mental health connection. Provide your rationale for this based: on a medical psychiatric diagnosis and/or your psychiatric nursing diagnosis, referencing the textbook and 1 article from a scholarly nursing journal to support the connection, written by a nurse.d) Identify a psychiatric nursing diagnosis (problem…related to.. as .evidenced by…) from list (inside back cover of text – left page).• Do not describe/present a ‘medical’ diagnosis (depression, alzheimers dementia etc. Although these are the primary medical diagnoses,• for this paper you must describe the psychiatric nursing diagnoses that you identify. (If unclear review definition of a nursing diagnosis versus a medical diagnosis). • When stating ‘as evidenced by’ give examples of what you mean.

e) Present 2 psychiatric nursing interventions you practiced with a patient in your M/S Clinical-based on the psychiatric nursing diagnosis, evidence for the diagnosis that you’ve identified,  and rationale (cite text).• Do not use ‘physical’ interventions – for example if you identify a patient an eating disorder: do not describe the physical care you give this person- describe mental/cognitive and/or emotional interventions and rationale.• One intervention must be a verbal, interactive therapeutic communication technique – describe what technique you used (not what your preceptor did), rationale based on cited text evidence, for using that particular one, and indicate how the patient responded.
Reflection on the Experience   2 pages
a) Write a reflection (not a narrative description here) of what this specific clinical experience meant to you and what you learned from it. (ex. How you ‘felt’, what ‘meaning’ this experience had for you, maybe how it relates to other personal experience you’ve had).
2. Use APA format, Title page, Reference page, 4 text headings (Case Presentation, Psychiatric Nursing Diagnosis,  Nursing Intervention, and Reflection).
3. Submit paper by due date indicated on sign-up sheet (Week 9 if taking Med-Surg 1st half of semester; Week 15 if taking Med-Surg the 2nd half of the semester).
Grading: Can earn up to 1% depending on extent of meeting above criteria. Extra credit applies based on having achieved a 77% exam average.