Final Essay (9 Pages, 2475 words)
For this open essay, the main thing is to pose an interesting question (preferably one inspired by our ancient analyses) about a modern sport and see how far you can go in answering it.
DO NOT PLAY IT SAFE on this one, and DON’T BE SATISFIED with what is on the public websites.

SOURCE MATERIAL: Use the Web and Sports websites (see the “link” page above for a start) but any web source is of interest (make sure to cite your web sources; Wikipedia is very unimaginative)

Text/Objects to develop a THESISabout
–Compare with Ancient or each other
–Don’t just DESCRIBE, but ANALYZE its practical aspects (business model, salaries, rivalries, propaganda about its origins and purpose, etc)

For example:
–The modern OLYMPIC movement (many possible aspects: events, business model, propaganda about origins and purpose) compare modern Olympic with Ancient Olympic in these various aspects.
Don’t just use basic information. Go DEEP. In addition to the possible aspects mentioned above, you could also discuss the involvement of WOMEN (Women weren’t allowed to participate in the past) as well as the number of sports (For instance, wrestling is being dropped; Wrestling was a huge part of Ancient Olympic)