Polygraph Results

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Polygraph results fail to conform to
the Frye doctrine and are therefore a m‘
inadmissible as evidence in court. g Writigg Feedback Tool.
This doctrine, enunciated in Frye v.
APA sgie Pap-er Tmiate.
United States (1923) states that, g
before the results of scientific tests 5 ME“
will be admissible as evidence in a
trial, the procedures used must be
sufficiently established to have gained general acceptance in the particular field to which they
belong. Most courts refuse to admit the results of polygraph (lie detector) tests in either civil or
criminal proceedings unless admissibility is agreed to by both parties.
Polygraph results are frequently used in other situations, such as pre-employment or
background tests. If this is the case, it begs the question of why these results should be
excluded from courtrooms.
For this assignment, prepare a three-page memorandum to your supervisor, an attorney,
addressing the admissibility of polygraph results.
In your memorandum:
0 Analyze the current position of the 0.5. Supreme Court with respect to reliability and admissibility
of polygraph evidence.
0 Determine the potential impact of Frye v. United States on criminal cases.