Social Identity and Social Media Paper

The purpose of this assignment is for you to see how social identity (i.e.SES, race, gender, age, normal vs. deviant)is visible in all parts of society. Even when we do not realize it, we are managing our impression through our language, desires, style, and leisure activities.

The Task:We can see our social identity through everyday usage of social media. Please examine your own Facebook timeline as well as 3 or 4 of your friends. You can also use other social media outlets like Instagram, if that is easier for you. However, I do recommend trying to be consistent.

The question:How does your status updates, photos, and likes illustrate your social identity? How does yours compare to your friends’? What do you think your posts and others’ say about the display of social identity in the United States? Do different statuses interconnect to other issues like race, class, gender, and deviance?

The above question is designed for you to think about what you have been shown in class and how you can apply the work from your text and the slides. You will need to defend your position with concepts and theories outlined in class, on the internet, or in the textbook.


Grading Scheme:

1. Thesis of the paper introducing the topic 3 pts _____


2. How well did you answer the above questions on social identity and social media using the information and sociology?

 You should defend your thesis with at least 3 sociological examples. 12 pts _____

3. Concluding paragraph(s) summing up the paper 3 pts _____


4. The Nuts and Bolts of the Paper 7pts _____

 Is it neat?
 Is everything spelled correctly?
 Is it typed, double-spaced as an MS Word attachment?
 Do you have reasonable margins and font size?
 Is it 2 to 4 pages (650 to 1400 words)? Did you cite your sources (APA or MLA)?


TOTAL 25 pts _____

You should use your own and your friends’ social media presences as a guide to help explain the sociological concepts.