principle and practic of e-learning

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Designing an eLearning environment and measuring effectivenessWeighting: 60%Number of Words: 4,500 (or equivalent)Learning Outcomes addressed:L0#4: use a range of ICT (wikis, blogs, podcasts and other Web 2.0 applications) for own learning in collaborative online environments and evaluate their relevance and use in e-learning environments;L0#6: apply a range of technologies to the design of e-learning environments relevant to own social environment/context and professional work.Written assignment (submitted through Moodle) – 4,200 words (or equivalent1. Apply a range of technologies to the design of elearning environment relevant to own social environment/context (4,200 words or equivalent total)Based upon your analysis you conducted for Assignment One, design an elearning environment that will help achieve the major educational goals you have identified.Note: this elearning environment can be based upon and used to deliver or support a single topic or unit of work.You will need to provide the following:1.1 An overall plan of the presentation structure (McCormack and Jones, 1998, pp. 67-73) of the system showing how the different components are used. This can be in the form of a site map (equivalent to 500 words – 500 words discussing your plan – this can be replaced by a site map – a site map can be worth close to 500 words).1.2 Samples of a homepage, information page and activities page ONLY. These can simply be drafted in Word; they do not have to be coded in HTML or be functional (equivalent to 2,500 words – this equates to three pages of several pictures/images which could be worth up to a total of 2,500 words. You will need to annotate each picture and use a few words on your sample pages).1.3 Description of one online activity and discussion of how it will help achieve the educational goals identified in Assignment One (200 words).1.4 Discussion of the pedagogical principles upon which your elearning system is based. (1000 words)==============