Research Question for a International Baccalaureate Biology Extended Essay.


Writer should be familiar with the IB ( International Baccalaureate) Extended Essay for Biology.
I want the writer to list and recommend 8 to 10 good DIFFERENT research questions for a biology extended essay.
I do not need the writer to write the essay itself, just recommend good essay questions that would get an A grade in IB extended essay.
Please read:-
Criterias of questions that I need:-
No human / animal experimentation. Also no experimentation of microorganisms that could pose health issues.
Other organisms are fine, like laboratory e.coli. Microalage, plants, using enzymes etc.
I need research questions that I would be able to carry out experiments on in the lab. But I don’t want the experiment to be too complex. I want the experiment to be at a International Baccalaureate level, because I might not have access to very sophisticated apparatus or obscure samples of organisms that need to imported .
I want the research to have 2 independent variables and one dependent variables.
For example:-
” what is the effect of varying…… and …….. on ………?” It doesn’t need to be in this format but it is a guide. I want the research question to be specific as well, don’t want vague wording.
Another criteria is that I must be able to plot graphs from the trends observed from carrying out the experiment. So I DON’T WANT something like ” What is the effect of different brands of detergent on bacteria growth?” I would not be able to plot a graph showing a trend from this type of question.
Another criteria for the research question is that it must be unique. I want questions that do not have lots of existing research on by universities/ other extended essay/ etc, this can be achieved by changing either the independent variable or dependent variable.
For example:- If ” What is the effect of different concentrations of non competitive inhibitor on amylase action?” has a lot of existing research by universities and all, you could change the type of inhibitor or the enzyme itself.
Take note, that the question’s experiment should still be relatively easy to carry out for a highschool student. I don’t want the writer to recommend some obscure species of organism or some apparatus that is hard to get a hold of .I would find great difficulty in acquiring to do the experiment for.
My previous few research question that I came up with myself ,either had organisms that could not be sourced in Singapore, or has been done numerously before so could not be done again because it would be unique. So the research questions that the writer recommends should try to avoid this.
The research questions must be also “cool”, something that might have good impacts to the world or have some sort of significance. Take note, it does not need to ground breaking and super innovative, but some creativity would of course be needed. An example would be:-
” What is the effect of pH and Salinity on Chlorella growth?” This question would have good impacts on helping the environment because Chlorella is a good source of biofuels.
Also below each of the research questions; I would need a short description of the significance of the research question.
Please read:-
I will be including some documents for your reference as well. Please read them as well.