Directions.- Choose one of these topics to write about: poverty, racism, sexism, divorce, or crime. There are three parts to this essay. The first section of the essay focuses on the individual. In other words, what is the role of the individual in causing or perpetuating the particular topic you chose? The second section of your essay involves the role of structure. What role does social structure play in causing or perpetuating this problem? The final section of the essay focuses on social change. How do we bring about social change on an individual and structural level to lessen this problem? Use the theoretical perspectives of either structural functionalism or conflict theory to help you organize a response (points will be deducted from your essay if you don’t). You’ll find more specific information about these topics in their respective book chapters that include: Stratification (income inequality), Race, Gender, Family, and Deviance/Crime (social control).
You need to have a cover page and a Works Cited pages. Your essay must be a minimum of 3 complete pages NOT including the cover page and the works cited page. The essay must be double spaced, using either 12 font, and completed in Times New Roman. It will be graded on the basis of content, length, grammar, and adherence to the previously mentioned guidelines. I expect students to write ethically. Any information drawn from works published by others must be appropriately cited within the body of your work, and then referenced as part of a bibliography page in APA style.
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