Sources of Capital for US Entrepreneurs

BUS2255 Entrepreneurship
Term Paper
For your final project you are to choose from one of the topics that we cover in this course. (This project is worth 30% of your course grade.)
1. Social Entrepreneurship
2 Sources of Capital for Entrepreneurs
3. Pathways to Entrepreneurial Ventures
4. The Creative Pursuit of Ideas
5. Strategic Entrepreneurial Growth
6. Assessment of Entrepreneurial Opportunities

On the topic you choose you are required to research and present how that topic is has been addressed by entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial firms. Your presentation must be framed in terms of the documented source material.
You are expected to define the topic, highlight the history or background of the key issuesand challenges surrounding the topic, then and provide examples of specific entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial firms and how they handled this topic.
Lastly you should include your own recommendations on how your feel the topic should be addressed in the future.
You must cite all your sources using APA format (in-text and in a Works Cited section). Any plagiarism will result in an automatic grade of ZERO.
Your paper must be 8 pages long, not including any title page or Works Cited page. It must be double spaced, with 1 inch margins on all sides, using a 12 pt font.
The Term Paper will be evaluated based on the following Grading Rubric:
Possible points
The topic/issue is clearly framed/defined 10
Highlighted history or background of the key issues well 15
Provided relevant and specific examples of how entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial firms are/have addressed the topic 30
Clearly articulated your recommendation on how the issue should be addressed in the future with supporting rationale 15
Used quality research sources, thoroughly researched the topic with multiple research sources. Proper use of APA format in citing sources (in text and in Works Cited) 15
Is the paper well written? This would include: organization of paper, clarity of writing, correct writing mechanics (i.e. proper grammar, punctuation, spelling) 15