The Ethical Implications of Animal Testing


While this essay falls under the larger topic of “ethics” it is one component of a larger multi-topic mandatory BA-Liberal Arts graduation course. As such, the vast subject of ethics is assigned as a one week area of study. I’m assuming by the info provided, ethics is dealt with from a relatively broad perspective.

In class information:
First class handout:
Discover the ethical implications of a problem using:
Ethical conduct in decision making
Can you weigh all the aspects and factors that need to be considered in the decision making process?
Ethical conduct in action
Can you identify and describe actions that are ethical, articulate how and why and distinguish these from actions that are unethical?
Social Responsibility in decision making
Can you identify and evaluate the impact of decisions, plans or policies on the larger community and the groups involved?
Social responsibility in action
Can you describe actions and policies that show adequate consideration and empathy for all the communities and groups involved?

Ethical Decisions and Actions
What does each side see as the ethical approach?
What actions does each side propose to achieve this ethical resolution?
Pros and cons of both perspectives

Social responsible decisions and actions
Social responsibility must focus on the larger groups affected and the results of the application of the ethical decisions and actions you’ve identified

Second Class Handout:
Basic ethics and terminology: utilitarianism, deontology, Kantian ethics, teleology, Aristotle, Plato


Class Essay Instructions:
In this essay you will write about ethics. You will apply the concepts of ethical conduct in decision making, ethical conduct in action, social responsibility in decision making, and social responsibility in action.

Research your topic.
What are the ethical implications of these decisions and actions?
How do these processes and actions demonstrate social responsibility?

1350-1500 Words
Use 4-5 Scholarly (peer reviewed) Academic Journal Articles as Resources

APA format (this is just an essay/ no abstract or special headings required)
Double Space
Include Paraphrasing along with Direct Quotations

For me:
Please underline the thesis statement
Please underline each corresponding topic sentence

MY TOPIC: The Ethical Implications of Animal Testing
Is it morally wrong to harm animals for testing purposes if such testing is deemed necessary to discover lifesaving cures, new drugs, treatments, etc? Utilitarian approach would say yes – ends justify the means. Others say no, there are more humane avenues to test drugs, etc.

I have found 2 sources (out of the 4-5 needed) I’d like included, if applicable.

B.E. Rollin
The Moral Status of Invasive Animal Research

Mark W. Fisher
Is There a Need for a More Expansive Use of Ethics and Values
in Reflecting on the Use of Animals in Scientific Research?