The lottery by Anton Chekhov

The lottery by Anton Chekhov
Narrative Writing Task
Assignment: Write an alternate version of “The Lottery Winner” from the perspective of Ivan’s wife, Masha. Tell Masha’s version of the story from the third-person limited point of view.


Remember, third-person limited point of view means that the story is told by an outside narrator with a focus on a central character whose mind you can access, but only that person’s mind. Other characters in the story speak and act, but you don’t know what they are thinking. You will use third person pronouns (singular and plural) such as he, she, him, her, they, them, etc. in your writing.

You are writing a version of the story that should characterize both Masha and Ivan the same way they are characterized in original version of the “The Lottery Ticket,” and plot events should not be altered. Also, the theme for “The Lottery Ticket” should not change in your new version of the story. What should change is that the perspective should shift from Ivan to Masha.

Your first draft of your story will be a minimum of two typed pages.

Revisit for further information or guidelines for typing and formatting your paper.