The Prince


You will need to read the novel The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli.
Give yourself plenty of time to complete this assignment. This is a time consuming project. You might find that some mental role-playing might be useful. Pretend that you are quizzing the prince; what questions would you pose to him.
Write five "thought provoking" questions per chapter;
Begin your questions with the following suggestions; When, What, Where, How, Explain…After you write your question, if, you can answer it with merely a "yes" or "no" start over or reword the question or else it does not qualify as "thought provoking";
Provide me with only the questions. I don’t want the answers;
You will need to combine the introduction and chapter 1 for the first set of five questions since Chapter 1 is only one short paragraph. Do the same for chapter 2. The rest of the chapters stand on their own;
Type your questions is sets of five and separate them using either the chapter titles or chapter numbers.