1.0. Cost analysis of energy reduction measures in residential building Cost analysis of energy reduction measures to provideroadmap for implementing the low carbon residential building strategies in hot humid climate and required updates on standards, society education and industry support.

Objectives: Map the performance of low-carbon options to their cost benefit within the existing construction environment.

Structure: –
1.1. Recommendation for application of low carbon building guideline
1.2. Sustainable standards and regulation update
1.3. Energy performances and renewable energy use
1.4. Benchmarks of energy consumption
1.4.1. Energy Performance Index EPI
1.4.2. Benchmark of Energy Use (in KWh m2/year)
1.4.3. Benchmark of carbon footprint Ce
1.4.4. Benchmarking of cost payback
1.5. Cost benefits of low carbon building
1.6. Analysis of LCB carbon footprint reductions
1.7. Cost and payback period
1.8. Cost of integrating LCB practice in existing construction environment
1.9. Evaluation of sustainable benefits vs Cost
1.10. Carbon Footprint evaluation
1.11. Evaluation of impact of materials use
1.12. Applicable assessment and evaluation tools
1.13. Roadmap towards low carbon residential building