A comparative of John Lock vs. Nietzsche’s philosophy and literature on government and political influences with the human expression

The paper topic must allow for analysis of an example or two of humanistic expression from literature, history, philosophy, and religion, and film.
In terms of scope, a given example could be a specific work or the collective works of a person or encompass cultural movements or periods.
Consider analytical approach as model, the paper is to analyze how the chosen examples of humanistic expression are relevant to culture more generally, and how it is that they express what it is to be human.
Choosing more than one example of humanistic expression would naturally call for a comparative
Objectives of the paper are:
• Demonstrate the ability to use and apply a basic vocabulary of terms and principles that refer to the
visual arts, literature, and philosophy.
• Identify and analyze the stylistic expression of specific ideas in art, architecture, music, literature,
and philosophy and show how they vary across cultural boundaries and historical contexts.
• Explore a topic in depth, yielding insight and information indicating special interest in the subject.