Treatment of heroin addiction


I have an essy that i have already writen . I need the writer do these :
1) resolve the problems based on the comments
2) finish my NOW- taking ( that for each refrence i have finish it but the writer need to fill in the pags numbers )
3) the writer does not need to use new sources . ( just my refrences in my essay .
4) I need cope from the recorse with notes on it ( it is compulsory in my corse the will not accept to hand in with out )
5) i almost downloud the reffrences but there some which i have not downloud so i need the writer do that .
6) the writer have to fallow the instructions with i will downloud to them .
7) fllowing the paragraph structure . ( TS,PEE,CS) THIS VERY IMPORTANT
8) it is not new writing i need just the writer fix the problems.